Monday, November 24, 2014

Faith In The Blind Sight By; Izabel

By: Izabel Kleinberg

Having the complete trust or confidence in someone or something is the reason we accomplish things, is with faith. In my life faith is a big thing. Everything about it is pleasing, what it does for you and what it can help you accomplish. Just as it says in Mark 9:23 and I quote “ If you can’?” said Jesus. Everything is possible for the ones who believe.” And I quote. You can choose to have faith in yourself and everyday life, nobody can push you too not only think, but believe that you are going to pursue your dream, but having faith will help.
         In the movie all of the kids and leaders, each and everyone of them had faith. They all wanted to climb that mountain successfully without one person failing. The leaders had the faith of taking blind kids up one of the highest summits, with knowing that people that can see have troubles and in some cases died, but they still let these kids fill that they are human just like everyone else and even a blind person can do something a person with all five senses can do. The blind kids had the faith to take the risk of knowing that they might die or get hurt horribly or maybe never make it half way. Some kids didn’t make it all the way but with their faith they made it as far as their bodies could take them. Their faith was just like all of their confidence.
         Faith relates to my life because I have to have faith in everything I do in everyday life. Without faith in my life then how would I be happy, or believe in the accomplishments that I want to have in the future or even tomorrow. Faith in life is important just as it was 

Friday, November 14, 2014

American Freedom is Important!!

Izabel Kleinberg
Language class
Period #2

How do you represent that you and the United States are free? How do you treat this freedom and what do you do to let others know that you are free? What do you do with this freedom. I can remember why I’m free and that I have freedom because of WWII, slavery, and the 4th of July.
World War II is a important reason we are free because of the troops that fought for us to become the state we are today, the free country with independence. The deadliest war ever was a great victory for us and it gave us rights. There were many things that happened in World War Two with many people killed. A couple of things that happened in World War II that helped this country was the bomb of Pearl Harbor, D-Day, and The battle of Iwo Jima. I am so proud of the troops that fought for us in the war, and I give a big thank you to them for their service.
Have you ever thought of slavery other than abuse, maybe not? People were forced to do work for other humans for 7 years or even for life. They were not aloud to learn how to read or write. They would get beat if they would try to escape, they didn’t have freedom of speech. Now we can read anything we want with people encouraging and teaching us how. Slaves are a big big reason we have Freedom today with people that have gotten beat for us and took the sacrifice. Slavery to me means that people can be free because of the labor they did and the with the price comes a great victory.
Fireworks, bang boom, and red, white, and blue in the air. This celebration of our Freedom is called The Fourth Of July, where you shoot off fireworks as if they are bombs going off just as in the war. When you say the pledge of allegiance think of the troops that are serving for us now and think of this as a prayer for them and a big thank you. Watching all of the fireworks and people smiling is great to see, better than seeing people cry and fight in the war. Next time you shoot off a firework for the Fourth of July while you spend with your family and friends remember that that firework could have been the bomb that made our country a free country.
Freedom to me means that you have many things you can take place in and do freely, although you are having lots of responsibilities. After you have read this,does this take a place in your heart for the soldiers? I know it has took a spot in my heart. Is Freedom more important to you now? What does 

Freedom mean to you, and how will you show it? Show your freedom and respect our troops!