Friday, April 17, 2015

Inspiration- Bill Price

Izabel Kleinberg
Period 2

Topic: Bill Price (Mayor)


Do you ever like to be like someone successful? I would, and I have an inspiration to make me want to become successful. Success is milestone that is very important to me in my life. That’s all I have ever wanted to be is successful and that’s all my family wants me to be. There’s the certain way I want to live my life, The hard work I need to have to get there, and the inspiring words that people say that want me to keep moving on, and my inspiration has just that.


            The life of being busy is not easy. The mayor, the person who makes up almost all of the decisions for our town, has a lot of pressure on him from day to day. When it comes down to it everything is in his hands and he has to take full responsibility for the things that go wrong and the things that go right. So do you wonder how the life of a mayor really is? Like most people Bill Price has a wonderful family that he loves with a wonderful wife, five children and two wonderful grandchildren. He also had wonderful adventures and he says and I quote “ The most interesting thing he has done in his life is bring our community into the 21st century!”  , and as Alvin Toffler said, “ The illiterate of the 21st century will not be who cannot read and write, but who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. This message is so important to me because even if you cannot read or write you can do wonderful things in your life,  just as Bill Price did with his.


“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” – Unknown Bill Price didn’t just get where he was today by the talent that he had but the work that he gave into it. Bill Price did not have an easy life growing up, yet he still lived his dream. Nothing stopped him from being successful, that means nothing has to stop you from being successful. Bill Price states that “ Hard work pays off no matter who you are or what you have done, and I am living proof of that.”


Not only the person has to inspire you but the things that they say are very inspiring. There are just a few messages that Bill Price wants to get out there and I am willing to help him. The best advice that Bill has to give for kids in middle school and high school is that “Just to study hard and your choices have long term effects.” “When Bill hears about OHS he thinks about kids that have choose to have an education.”  Bill encourages us all to stay in school and get an education, because no matter who you are or what people think of you, you can be successful if you put your mind to it and work hard.


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.”- Unknown.

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