Friday, September 18, 2015

Daily blog post By: Izabel

O’Neill High School
Izabel 8th Grade Reporter
O’Neill, NE

Glamour, People, and STAR are all reports made by people to inform you about the things you may not know inside the life of the famous. But at O’Neill High we have reporters that inform you about our daily life in O’Neill high, we may not be famous but we have determination. Lots of things happen in our day-to-day life at our high school, plans change, things happen, we always have a different range.
Today Tuesday 15, 2015 the Junior High has a volleyball game 7th and 8th grade play both A and B.  We will be playing against Ord. The games will start with the 7th B at 5:30 tonight. We will then start off 8th grade the same way B plays first then A will play, 8th grade A will being playing the last game of the night. The games have been moved from the elementary to the high school tonight, so good luck and go eagles!
We have a junior varsity game last night for football, we came back with a win versus Crofton.  At football practice last night Riley Davis got injured, we all hope he can still play in our next football game. With loosing one game and winning one we still wont give up in any of our games this year or the years to come.  We are, the future football and volleyball players, of our school.
With sports at our school we also have very good education, we study hard although we can fit improvements in somewhere. In English we work on daily grammar practice every morning as a bell ringer, a bell ringer for those of you who don’t know are things we do in the morning as a practice like in volleyball we always start with a five minute run to warm us up. We identify parts of speech for every Monday we also have musical Monday where we write a journal entry on a topic that Mrs. Troester gives us or a topic that amuses you, or some thing that you just want to get off your mind and write about.  English is one of the hardest classes that you have to take in high school. English is a hard language to learn and even harder to understand.

“ English is kind of challenging but if you put your mind to it you understand it a lot better and easier.”- Mikyla Grenier

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