Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sunset Beyond Compare

Sunset Beyond Compare:
By: Izabel 

Ripples of the waves in my ears

The sun gleaming off the ocean as if they were mirrors

Smelling the bitter of the salt in the sea

Mixed with the prepossessing smell of roses and lilies

As you may smell but also can feel the nice calm ocean breeze

Nothing is ever at ease

This view is way better than any cities

The cotton colored clouds, the bubbly blue skies, and the deep blue of the ocean

The independence of the eagles flying above

Everything here makes you fall in love

The love is shown by each dove

The alluring sky draws you in as you gaze above

                      It could rain but the sky would make you a pluviophile

The peace of the place is shown by the dove
Nothing can make you not love.

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